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Our team at Culinary Crossings is dedicated to bringing you the best food from around the world through our cooking documentary and recipe book



What We're About

Culinary Crossings is about crossing borders, exploring cultures, and learning new dishes. We are setting out on a culinary journey through Europe, where we will be meeting with locals to gather recipes and experience a unique view of each country we visit.

Our world revolves around food. Food brings people together. Flavors enhance an experience, and a good meal can create a lasting memory. We want to further our knowledge and passion of food by seeking out and exploring more of this diverse world through cooking with a greater depth while we share our findings and experiences with others.  

We are working to develop a greater understanding of food by looking into the history, culture, traditions, and techniques behind each dish. Starting with European cuisine, we will embark on a three-month culinary journey, visiting 28 different countries, to learn traditional dishes from locals, experience the culture, and unwrap the history with each dish.  

From our journey we will compile recipes from each of the countries we visit, creating a cookbook all about European cuisines and the cultures behind them. With this cookbook we hope to offer everyone the opportunity to taste and create traditional dishes from all across Europe.





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