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Our team at Culinary Crossings is dedicated to bringing you the best food from around the world through our cooking documentary and cookbook 



What We're About

Culinary Crossings is about crossing borders, exploring cultures, and learning new dishes.

On May 29th we embarked on an exciting three month journey through Europe visiting 28 different countries. During which time we were able to meet with over 100 restaurants and chefs and had the opportunity of stepping inside these amazing kitchens to get a glimpse of how some of the local dishes are prepared.

From the 28 countries we visited, not only where we able to see how locals prepared traditional dishes and experiencing the taste of the local cuisine, but we also got a taste of the culture and history from which these recipes are born.

We have learned a lot throughout this adventure. We have so many amazing recipes to share as well as tips and techniques for both cooking and traveling. We are strong supporters of travel for the expansion of knowledge and cultural diversity that it brings. We encourage everyone to seek out your own adventure and hope that sharing what we have learned is both inspirational and informative.

From this journey we are now left with the task of recreating the many recipes we were introduced to during our time in Europe. Compiling recipes and creating a cookbook full of European dishes that anyone will be able to recreate. 






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